Creating Lead-Safe Environments for Memphis & Shelby County Families


The City of Memphis’ LEAD-SAFE program provides income-eligible residents with FREE lead-hazard reduction services:

  • Lead-based paint inspections
  • Interior and/or exterior painting
  • Remediation of hazardous lead– contaminated components.




  • Lead is a toxic metal that can cause permanent damage to the brain and other vital organs especially in children under the age of 6 years.
  • Homes built prior to 1978 were most commonly painted with lead based paints until they were banned.
  • As old lead-based paint flakes, chips, or turns to dust, lead can contaminate surfaces throughout your home.



How can I participate in this program:

  • The rental property must have been built before 1978, AND be located within the City of Memphis/Shelby County
  • The owner of the property must agree to participate in the program
  • Priority will be given to candidate with children under the age of 6 who live in the home or spend at least 6 hours twice weekly or 60 hrs yearly
  • The owner must be current on city and county taxes
  • The yearly income for all adults living in the home must be at or below the following: amounts household:




Call today to see if you qualify for a lead-based paint home inspection at NO COST to you.

Housing & Community Development
Lead-Safe Program
Phone: (901) 576-7325 or (901) 576-7335

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